Monday, May 19, 2008


Here is a snippet from a much longer post on my personal blog.  I felt it would appropriate for this blog too.  If you want to you can read the whole blog post at


As I walked to the car the wind blew.  I felt it all over, it unsettled my hair and gushed across my arms, it rippled my clothes.  Alive.  I realized then and there what a joy it was to experience the wind, experience God, experience worship.  I wasn't singing, I was existing in God's grace and attributing to God the beauty of the creation; worship, in spirit and in truth.


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Greg said...

Thanks for a great reminder of all the we've been given. It's easy to lose that perspective.

In college, a friend of mine named Brian Chapman was going through some hard times. But he testified "If all that God ever gave me in my life was salvation, and he never did anything else for me, that would enough to praise him for forever." (paraphrase)

The Lord is so gracious. We often complicate things, but he blesses us with the best simple pure things. Thank you Father.