Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cracking CBC's DNA

A lot of talk now going on in church leadership journals about determining your fellowship's DNA -- what makes your fellowship unique. Check out and search on dna or code for a great article on it.

So using that as a framework what do you think CBC's DNA is? What makes us unique and is our particular bent in doing ministry? This is extremely important to determine because if we try to do things that are outside our DNA the "organism" will reject it as foreign. They do make the point that you can change your DNA - mutate as it were.

Here are a few things I think are part of our DNA.
1. We are a racially, ethnically and generationally diverse fellowship.
2. Because of this we are a fellowship were interracial couples are comfortable and accepted.
3. We don't say "we don't see color" -- We see color in all its glory as a reflection of God's creative power and we celebrate our differing viewpoints and diversity as a "little taste of heaven".
4. Even tho we are diverse we still are a majority white church (just from demographics) but we have a black senior pastor -- how cool is that! We really don't see that as a big deal but I guess it is for those outside the fellowship in that it is very very rare and unique.
5. We have a significant group within the fellowship who homeschool and others said that it would not work. Again its a celebration of our freedom in Christ to choose how we educate our children and we respect each others' decisions without saying each group is right or wrong.
6. Our generational diversity is pretty much evenly split among the various age groups - not overloaded in any one group I don't think.
7. We are a predominately a discipling church - we do some outreach thru our missionaries but for the most part do teaching -- we have recognized over the years that we need to emphasize outreach but have struggled with evangelism -- we know we are commanded to do that but we need to figure out how to do it in the context of our DNA.

Any other areas that are in our DNA?


Chad said...

I don't know this first hand, but Victor has made it seem like there are quite a few military families. You could consider that a part of our DNA since their lifestyle is quite different because of the constant moving and all.

Richie said...

I think you've hit a lot of it. I don't have a ton to add to the DNA conversation, though, I will mention that we aren't as united as we could be. One thing that I felt at Tech was unity. The unity came from our common goal of reaching the campus for Christ. I think a similar thing can happen at our church if our vision is communicated more frequently. It can help create an urgency to do something about what we're hearing from the preacher.

Greg said...

Our congregration is transient. Many people don't stick around long, and this has impacts on relationships, ministries, and financial giving.