Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post from Victor

Victor made a post on his blog yesterday afternoon concerning the election. I thought I'd mention it to you guys so you can go read it. I thought it was very well written. Just so you know, his post is mostly concerning Republican's disappointment with the outcome.

To be bipartisan, I am claiming no party affiliation by sending out this notice. I just thought that the hope that Victor displays in our Lord was very encouraging. For the man charged with sheparding our church, he does a great job of saying (paraphrase): "Our Lord is here in our lives, our Lord is coming, and why would you not have faith in the plan that he has set for our lives? Our Lord is victorious!".

To read it go ahead and visit the church webpage at In the bottom left square you will see a tab called "Pastor's Blog". The link to his blog is, in case you want to go directly there and make a comment.

Love y'all & God Bless.

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