Friday, January 29, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Baptism

To come out of our blogging hibernation, I decided to post some thoughts about baptism services.

Recently (sort of) our church has moved the baptism service from the Sunday evening bible study to the Sunday morning worship service. I was just thinking about this today and got pretty excited for several reasons:
  • It involves more people (evening service averages 30-40 people and the morning service 250-300 (rough estimates, no idea really but you get the point)).
  • It is a great, exciting, and joyous time not only for the individual being baptized but also for the church body.
  • It is essentially like the announcing of a birth of a baby or the marriage of two people.
  • It marks a healthy and growing church.
  • It could and should encourage people to share their faith.
  • It is an opportunity to boldly and clearly present the gospel during the worship service.
I just hope people can see these things and be excited about it too.