Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imaginary Journey to Africa Day 4 - Your House

YYYAAAAWWWNNN!! Well yesterday was kind of a "day off" because the challenge was to sleep on the floor at night. It was more than just sleeping on the floor though, it was sleeping with no pillow and no blanket. I understand there are some people out there that like to sleep on the floor (i don't mind it if i have a pillow and blanket/sleeping bag) especially when camping but normally you do that when you don't have to wake up early or do anything productive the next day. Last night instead of putting on PJs, I put on some sweats and a sweatshirt and instead of throwing clothes off of my bed, I cleared out a spot on the floor. It didn't really take too long to fall asleep which was a good thing but I remember waking up pretty early in the night because my arm fell asleep (not the kind that tingles like needles but the kind that goes numb and feels like a club). I woke up at like 3:30 probably around the time my dad was getting up for work (i heard the shower a little bit later, and yes he is that crazy). I really wanted to get in bed! I woke up a little bit later pretty cold so I grabbed my robe and laid it on top of myself. I figured it wasn't technically a blanket so it would be ok. Again I REALLY wanted to get in bed! I think I probably woke up again before my alarm went of at 6:50 and almost told myself "you slept on the ground enough, just get in bed." Finally my alarm went off, unlike Greg, I did hit the snooze but I climbed into bed for 10 minutes before getting up for the day. Let me tell you, it was wonderful.

So here I am a little bit tired at work on my lunch break eating rice (more on that tomorrow) and struggling with my attitude all week. I feel like I have a "poor me" attitude and a very "me" focus even though I should be thinking about the poverty that is affecting much of the world. I don't think I am praying enough and thanking God for all of the things he has blessed me with. Its been kind of bothering me.

Todays passage is Luke 9:57-62. Here we are told that if we want to follow God, He must be our only concern. We must have faith in the promise that he will not give us a "stone" or a "snake" (different passage), it might not be what we ask for when we ask for it but God loves us enough to send His Son to die for us while we were still his enemies. We must not be concerned about where we will lay our head or say we will follow Him when we get our lives in order. Christ is sufficient. Even for providing the energy to get through a day after sleeping exposed in a cold room on the floor. He may give you a stiff back to make sure you think about him but He is enough.

So Day (or Night) 4 is complete.

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Terry said...

Its lacrosse season hence the need to get up at O'Dark Thirty (a standard military term but renamed by a Coastie friend of mine as O'Dark Stupid). Its a small sacrifice I make for 13 weeks in the Spring in order to help coach a local high school lacrosse team and be involved in the lives of young men - and hopefully make a positive impact in their lives. Overt gospel sharing is not permitted since this is a public school but by living a life of integrity and talking with other players who attend our fellowship allows some mention of spiritual things. And lacrosse has a basis in spiritual things that you can bring up from Native American traditions. The name Tawaraton means "Gift of the Creator" - the Game being given to the people to enjoy gives a little opportunity to plant some seed.