Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

So, we've decided to start up our blog again.  There were a few things that caused the slow death and we hope to fix them with these guidelines:

1. 2 posts per week
2. Assigned weeks
3. No topic limit

I think we got a little too excited last time and ended up putting all of our content up as soon as we could.  This new approach should help space out the delivery of our thoughts.  So for those of you reading our blog, expect to see at least 2 posts per week.  Hope you enjoy and please comment.

I've (slowly) been reading through a book called "Kingdom of Couches" which was authored by a a group of friends who run a blog much like this with similar purposes.  One of the author's major themes is the idea and importance of community in faith.

In America today, it seems as though individualism is king.  We live far away from each other, we travel to and from work, sit in front of TVs, read our Bibles for fifteen minutes each day, we eat our meals and don't ever really spend time with others.  The author argues that this not how our Christian faith should be experienced.  He goes on to share several practical examples of how to have community.

I believe his premise to be valid and important.  If we aren't spending time with each other then I think we'll find this life to be a struggle.  My hope is that this blog is one way that we can encourage community.


Stevie said...

the author is putting this into practice now in the church. he was part of a church plant in nebraska and is now planting a church in texas.

Greg said...

Yes, time is crucial to building relationships. To this day, the closest relationships that I have are w/ college friends. Why? We spent lots of time together. IMHO, there is no such thing as "quality time" w/o "quantity time". And you can't build meaningful relationships w/o big time investments.