Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bridge Mix

Here are some quick things that I've run across lately that I've been thinking about.

- The 5th commandment to Honor your Father and Mother was given to however many hundreds of thousand former Hebrew Adult slaves (with their respective kids), not only to an elementary school-aged Sunday school class.

- About the whole masculinity issue that the church has been fighting lately to get Men involved and inspired in the church: Jesus was not a wimpy hippie. He flipped tables. He was a carpenter and most likely had a moderate muscular physique. He bore a cross after nearly being beaten to death. He even still had the strength to tell another man he would be in paradise after being beaten and hung by his hands and feet. Jesus didn't hesitate to tell the truth in the face of murderous crowds. He conquered death for goodness sakes. If that's not inspiring to Men, I don't know what is. Go Jesus.

- I read an article at ChristianityToday about the story in John 7-8 about the aldulterous women. Most Bibles mention that this section is not found in most or the earliest manuscripts. I find it interesting that I came across this article today, because Tim had me read John 8 last week and I had been thinking about it, and also yesterday reading Velvet Elvis, he was talking about the inspiration of scripture. So... my wheels have been turning. It seems to me that many Christians are confused about what it means that Scripture is Spiritually inspired, and to what extent they are inspired. When I was younger I used to think that if I could find any mispelling when people quoted scripture, that I could automatically disqualify it as something I didn't need to listen to. I was young, what can I say? But now, the question is, "Can I say that God has never since inspired someone to write something since the last segment of our Bible was written?" Obviously, God's Spirit has worked through people since then. Do I believe things need to be added to scripture? No. Do I think that the woman adulturous story needs to be removed? I'm not sure. But, this topic sure does open a huge can of worms as to discernment into what/who is inspired by God's Spirit and what/who isn't. I think we can all think of things that we know for sure aren't inspired by God, but that other faith bases do believe are inspired. But I know that I can say that I've said things before that God was definitely speaking through me. What about you guys?

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